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A podcast about board games, the community, and all the lovely lovely bits. Join Shaun and Michelle as they discuss all sorts of things in the board game world, spotlight parts of the wonderful board game community, and marvel over the best components hobby boardgamdom has to offer! Tweet us @allthebitspod Email us at
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 29 - Top 5 boxes with bits that are coming out at the most wonderful time of the year. Essen Spiel baby!

    Welcome to Episode 29 of All The Bits, wherein the dynamic duo become a terrific threesome as Marguerite Cottrell aka @Maggibot joins the show to discuss Essen releases, horrific game stories and Potatoes! Not only do Shaun and Michelle rely on Maggi's amazing knowledge, they make her play their crazy ...


  2. Episode 28 - It's All The Bits LIVE at FallCon 31! (Featuring way too many games and guests to put in one place!)

    Welcome to Episode 28 of All The Bits, wherein Shaun and Michelle go to FallCon 31! They are joined by a variety of guests as they talk about what they've played at FallCon 31, the Canadian Game Design Awards, what GIANT bits they saw, a Next Up with a host ...


  3. Episode 27 - Fairly Blase (Featuring Little Action, Root, Blue Lagoon, GoodCritters, Brass: Birmingham, and seriously way more games, all the games!)

    Welcome to Episode 27 of All The Bits, wherein we get kiddy wit it (Little Action), fight for dominance in the wild (Root), marvel at the Doctor (Blue Lagoon), and show just how bad cute animals can be (GoodCritters). But that's not the only games Shaun and Michelle played. They ...


  4. Episode 26 - The 1 year anniversary mega party! (Featuring our top 10 games of all time, our give-away winner, and a huge FallCon 31 announcement)

    Welcome to Episode 26 of All The Bits, wherein we celebrate our one year anniversary! We made it! This is a huge episode as Shaun and Michelle go over their top 10 games, look at a BGG thread spotlighting "grail" games, getting excited about bits, and get hyped up for ...


  5. Episode 1.Z - What Do 2 Teenagers Think of All The Bits?

    Well this is a thing that is actually happening! Tyler and Matthew, Shaun’s two teenage nephews, take over All The Bits and talk over Episode 1 of All The Bits. They know nothing about board games, and really, life in general but here they are. See what happens when Michelle ...