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A podcast about board games, the community, and all the lovely lovely bits. Join Shaun and Michelle as they discuss all sorts of things in the board game world, spotlight parts of the wonderful board game community, and marvel over the best components hobby boardgamdom has to offer! Tweet us @allthebitspod Email us at
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 64 - We. Are. Robots (Featuring Aeon's End: Legacy, Nova Luna, Silver & Gold, Santa Monica, Shadows of Kilforth, On Mars, and more!).

    Welcome to Episode 64 of All The Bits, wherein Shaun and Michelle go to Aeon's End: Legacy, look up at Nova Luna, search for Silver & Gold, and enjoy the sun in Santa Monica. In this episode's BGG Thread Spotlight, they look at "the pettiest reason you've passed on a ...


  2. Episode 63 - Our Top 10 Unique Game Objects (Featuring Fox & The Forest Duet, Stone Age, Reavers of Midgard, Feelinks, Forgotten Waters, Curious Cargo and more!)

    Welcome to Episode 63 of All The Bits, wherein Shaun and Michelle find the Fox and The Forest Duet, share their Feelinks, sail with the Reavers of Midgard and visit the Stone Age. In this episode's Hot Topic, the duo look at their top 10 Unique Objects in Games. Finally, they ...


  3. Episode 62 - Fun with Pfister (Featuring Expedition to Newdale, Tang Garden, Maracaibo, Tiny Towns, and much more!)

    Welcome to Episode 62 of All The Bits, wherein Shaun and Michelle go on a Expedition to Newdale, chill in Tang Garden, sail in Maracaibo and visit some Tiny Towns. In the BGG thread spotlight, they look at a thread about transitioning from heavy to light games. Finally, they kick ...


  4. Episode 61 - It's The Obligatory Spiel 2020 Episode (Featuring Habitats, Undaunted: Normandy, Mandala, Dominion, Mini Express, Pax Viking and more)

    Welcome to Episode 61 of All The Bits, wherein Shaun and Michelle change Habitats, battle in Undaunted: Normandy, design a Mandala, and kick it in Dominion Online. In a massive Hot Topic, the dynamic duo look at the 2020 Spiel des Jahres nominees. They give their thoughts, opinions and predictions ...


  5. Episode 60 - A Luxuriously Great Good Time (Featuring Bruxelles 1897, Traintopia, Museum Heist, Targi, Fertility, Praga Caput Regni and much more)

    Welcome to Episode 60 of All The Bits, wherein Shaun and Michelle head into the desert in Targi, visit Bruxelles 1897, do a Museum Heist, and ride Traintopia. In the BGG thread spotlight, we look at "what is your favorite luxury board game item?". In a melancholy Next Up, we ...