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A podcast about board games, the community, and all the lovely lovely bits. Join Shaun and Michelle as they discuss all sorts of things in the board game world, spotlight parts of the wonderful board game community, and marvel over the best components hobby boardgamdom has to offer! Tweet us @allthebitspod Email us at
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 49 - It's the 2019 Essen Spiel Super Mega Extravaganza!

    Welcome to Episode 49 of All The Bits, wherein Shaun and Michelle delve into over 1000 releases at the Essen Game Fair to give you their top 10 picks, expansions, and more. This is the focus of the show due to all of the games coming out! Join us for ...


  2. Episode 48 - FallCon 32 recap (Featuring 7th Continent, Battle of the Bards, Northern Pacific, Tapestry, Hadara, Deep Blue and more)

    Welcome to Episode 48 of All The Bits, wherein we explore The 7th Continent, Battle of the Bards, Northern Pacific, and more. In the hot topic, the duo discusses their FallCon 32 experience. What games did they play? What were their highlites? Regrets? Then we move on to a massive ...


  3. Episode 47 - THE SPARK! (Featuring Die Hard, Atelier, Shikoku, Black Angel, Queen Bee, and more!)

    Welcome to Episode 47 of All The Bits, wherein we explore Die Hard, Atelier, Black Angel, Shikoku and more. In hilarious BGG Thread Spotlight, we look at the thread " Describe your job as if it were a board game". In the Next Up bit, we talk about Queen Bee, ...


  4. Episode 46 - Gen Con Fallout! (Featuring all the Gen Con 2019 hotness and more!!!)

    Welcome to Episode 46 of All The Bits, wherein we explore Corinth, Curios, Hadara, Copenhagen, Point Salad, and Miyabi. In a special Hot Topic, we talk about Gen Con 2019. What was Shaun's experience like? Favorite games? Biggest surprises? Regrets? All the things you wanted to know about Gen Con! ...


  5. Episode 45 - Gen Con 2019 Preview!

    Welcome to Episode 45 of All The Bits, wherein we give you the very best Gen Con 2019 preview! Audio Goblins, crashing computers and sickness could not keep this special episode out of your ear holes! We are joined by special guest Jeremy Howard to go over all the games ...